Oil and gas industry is transforming with innovative robotic process automation (RPA)

In a highly volatile industry such as oil and gas, marketers in the industry are taking efforts to invest in loyalty programs to strengthen their relationships with other industries. The investment in innovative loyalty allows them to gain a competitive edge which sustains global volatility. Loyalty programs help oil and gas to differentiate from the competition, cross-promote high margin items, and increase average purchase value. Annex Cloud is uniquely qualified to support oil and gas organizations with our technology first approach ensuring our clients are delivering leading edge strategies.

Key Products to Accomplish Growth in Oil & Gas

Customer Loyalty Program

  • Coalition Loyalty Program structure
  • An advanced set of APIs for in-store / kiosk connections
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty

Advanced Program Management

  • Ability to create individualized promotions

Reward Solutions

  • Gift Card Solutions

Oil & Gas Company Succeeded with Annex Cloud's Platform

Use Automation To Enhance Customer Experience And Retention

By implementing automation technologies, change the way your customers look and interact with your business. Read more.

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Resources for Oil & Gas

Market Movers Video

Learn how Casper Aagaard Rasmussen, VP of Enterprise Platforms at Valtech talks about loyalty tactics and how brands & manufacturers can increase their emotional equity with their consumers.