Redefining the processes of utilities and telecom with innovation and digitization in a digital world

Improving the organizational flexibility, future-proofing the talent chain, and total digitization of operations are key to sustain the utilities and telecom operations. When it comes to utilities, typically, consumers have only a handful of choices. The switch from one provider to another is the result of customers wanting something better.

The utility providers need to explicitly recognize and give back to their members, reward members for the longevity of their contract, and incentivize member feedback to combat churn. Focusing there, Annex Cloud helps you achieve the desired business goals.

Key Products to Accomplish Growth in Utilities & Telecom Industry

Customer Loyalty Program

  • Coalition Loyalty Program structure
  • Online purchases of packages
  • An advanced set of APIs for Omni Channel capabilities
  • Subscription Loyalty

User-Generated Content

  • Omni Channel referrals
  • Incentives & Recruitment
  • Sweepstakes/ Contests

Utilities & Telecom Companies that succeeded with Annex Cloud’s Platform

Telecommunications Loyalty Has New Opportunitie

Churn rates for telecom companies are very high. Therefore, there is a need for a customer retention program that keeps consumers loyal. Read more.


Resources for Utilities & Telecom Industries

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