Experiential In-Store Benefits Drive Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Landscape

Grocery retail loyalty programs have always been an outlier from more traditional loyalty strategies. Catering to the masses and their transactional behaviors, grocery loyalty programs came in the form of preferred pricing, discounts on products and/or gas rewards. None of these approaches have provided the ROI, retention or growth that other verticals with different approaches to loyalty initiatives have seen. Why? Because programs based on discounts lack the recognition, personalization and experience components to create a meaningful value exchange and emotional connections.

94%+ of customers shop at multiple grocery stores. This means that 94% of your customers are shopping with a competitor.

Now is the time to deliver the customer experiences your customers are craving. Enhancing your approach will increase trips and spend. Plus, with Annex Cloud your customers can refer friends to further increase your bottom line. Annex Cloud grocery experience solution empowers you to create a strategy and program that’s customer focused, differentiates you in the market through personalized exchanges and experiential benefits. Let’s get you started today.

Key Products to Accomplish Growth for Grocery and Supermarket Store

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • Dot ImageCustomer Loyalty Software
  • Dot ImagePOS-based loyalty integrations
  • Dot ImageApp-based customer loyalty
  • Dot ImageLoyalty Gamification
  • Dot ImageRewards engine
Refer A Friend


  • Dot ImageContests
  • Dot ImageIncentives & Promotions engine
Reward Solutions

Reward Solutions

  • Dot ImageGift Card Solutions

Revenue Benefits for Grocery and Supermarket Industry

3.3 year

increase to Customer Lifetime Value

7% - 28%

increase to Average Order Value

Average 3 points

increase to Net Promoter Score

5% - 16%

increase to new customer acquisition


Grocery Companies that succeeded with Annex Cloud’s Platform

Omni-Channel Grocery Loyalty Builds a Cohesive Shopping Experience

In a competitive grocery landscape, stores that blend online and offline channels into a single cohesive customer experience will emerge as winners. Read more...


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