Boost Sales By Actively Engaging Your Customers

Direct Sales loyalty programs are the fastest-growing segment of loyalty marketing. When Independent Associates focus on achieving their business development goals, they offer numerous competitive compensation plans and product catalogs. In direct-buying options, end consumers have a higher churn than usual because of attractive alternatives and changing human relationships over time.

Since most Direct Selling companies rely on auto-ship subscriptions or cyclic selling periods, there is a unique need for loyalty software to support individual businesses. Here's where Annex Cloud comes in the picture.

Key Products to Accomplish Growth in Direct Sales

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • dotLoyalty Gamification
  • dotConfigurable rules and rewards engine
  • dotApp-based customer loyalty
  • dotSales Associate earn and redeem actions
  • dotEnd customer earn and redeem actions
  • dotSegmentation / Campaign / Milestones engine
  • dotSubscription-based loyalty
Refer-A-Friend Coupon


  • dotIncentives and Recruitment
Reward Solutions Coupon

Reward Solutions

  • dotGift Card Solutions

Revenue Benefits in Direct Sales

200% - 900%

increase to Independent Associate Lifetime Value

9 month - 3.5 year

increase to End Customer Lifetime Value

130% - 400%

increase to subscription retention

6% - 20%

increase to Average Order Value

4% - 16%

increase to Customer Acquisition


Direct Sales companies succeeded with Annex Cloud’s Platform

How to Configure Loyalty for Direct Sales

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