B2B Success Is All About Building Relationships

Gallup reports only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged. A purchase is just the beginning of the customer relationship, and relevancy is essential to delivering value-led interactions across a customer’s lifecycle. Staying top-of-mind and anticipating customers’ needs are key to driving growth. Loyalty strengthens customer relationships across the lifecycle to increase sales, foster advocacy, increase referrals, and build lasting bonds.

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Drive Growth with these Enterprise-ready Loyalty Solutions

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • DotIncrease customer engagement at every touchpoint consistently
  • DotMix and match program types
  • DoteCommerce, social, in-store, POS, mobile
  • DotIntegrate loyalty into navigation, checkout, confirmation, and product pages
  • DotWide range of rewards
Influencer Management

Influencer Management

  • DotRecognize and reward your influencers
  • DotCentralized repository for contracts, commissions, payments, ROI
  • DotCombine with Refer a Friend to increase the impact
  • DotPerformance reporting
Q & A

Q & A

  • DotTimely responses to customer questions
  • DotCurate responses from others on product pages
  • DotCustomize to align with branding and style guidelines
  • DotAward loyalty members for responding to questions
  • DotTrack revenue impact

Loyalty Is Rewarding for You and Your Customers

Loyalty gives you plenty of meaningful ways to boost engagement, drive more sales, and increase acquisition. It provides the perfect framework for building lasting customer relationships.

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Benefits to B2B Brands

Benefits to B2B Brands

Improve Retention—Loyalty increases engagement to keep customers coming back, giving you a competitive sales and renewal advantage.

Lower Cost of Acquisition—Turn your best customers into advocates, easily track referrals, and reward influencers.

Create Individualized Experiences—Best-in-class B2B brands deliver individualized experiences. Collect robust first-party data at scale to deliver unique value-based interactions across every touchpoint.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value—Forbes reports loyalty programs are proven to increase customer LTV by up to 30% or more by increasing visit frequency and spend per visit, as well as winning back lost customers.

Enable Omnichannel Engagement—Loyalty technology pushes robust loyalty data across your entire marketing and tech stack to effectively engage customers no matter how they choose to interact. Non-transactional rewards keep you top-of-mind and build lasting bonds.

Deliver Relevance-led Marketing Messages—Loyalty helps you truly understand who your customer are, what they want, and why they purchase. These insights enable you to make every interaction meaningful and relevant.

Benefits to Your Customers

Recognition & Reward—Recognize and reward your customers for purchasing your products and for their advocacy.

Increased Relevancy—Send content and offers tailored to their specific preferences, behaviors, and priorities.

Individualized Seamless Experience—Enjoy a consistent, individualized experience no matter how or where they interact with your brand.

Mutual Value Exchange—Show your customer you truly understand them by using their data to create a unique, value-based journey.

Benefits to Customers

Why Annex Cloud?

Annex Cloud’s enterprise-ready Loyalty Experience Platform™ combines best-in-class loyalty management with powerful engagement and communication modules, enabling B2B organizations to build lasting customer bonds while accelerating growth.

Buy Only What You Need

Buy Only What You Need

The modular design lets you start with a mutual value exchange, then mix and match program and reward types as you grow

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, own your customer relationships

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Push robust loyalty data across your tech stack to individualize every interaction

Go to Market Fast

Go to Market Fast

125+ pre-defined integrations and a large partner network let you easily integrate loyalty into your tech stack and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Build Lasting Emotional Bonds

Build Lasting Emotional Bonds

Widest range of engagement modules give you meaningful ways to interact with customers between purchases

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver spot-on messaging via web, SMS, social, email, or apps

Successful Annex Cloud B2B Brands

B2B customers with high customer engagement scores achieve 50% higher revenue, 34% higher profitability, and 55% higher share of wallet.

Source: Gallup

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