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The automotive industry has experienced major disruption with digital interactions now playing a major role in the buyer’s journey. Automakers and dealerships are looking for ways to boost customer retention, as well as keep customers engaged throughout what could be decades between purchases. Buying a car is a personal purchase and today’s buyers have more diverse needs than ever. Simple brand awareness and one-size-fits-all marketing no longer provide any traction. Customer data is critical but siloed legacy systems make it difficult to deliver relevant, timely, seamless interactions. Loyalty collects first-party data at scale, enabling automakers and dealerships to understand buyer lifestyles, priorities, preferences, and more to create individualized, value-based engagement across every touchpoint.

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Drive Growth with these Enterprise-ready Loyalty Solutions

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • DotIncrease customer engagement at every touchpoint consistently
  • DotMix and match program types
  • DoteCommerce, social, in-store, POS, mobile
  • DotIntegrate loyalty into navigation, checkout, confirmation, and product pages
  • DotWide range of rewards
Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

  • DotReward loyalty members for referring others
  • DotOmnichannel—online, social, B2B, in-store, mobile app
  • DotPoints, credits, discounts, coupons
  • DotB2B—generate sales by using referrals from partners and coalitions of organizations
Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

  • DotReward customers for sharing their product experience
  • DotSocial proof increases conversion
  • DotUGC reaches customers across every channel

Automotive Loyalty Programs Are Key to Your Success

Today’s consumers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing how and where they research buying a car, purchase a vehicle, and go for service. Automotive loyalty programs enable automakers and dealerships to engage customers in meaningful ways that build lasting emotional bonds, and steer buyers in their direction throughout their journey.

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Benefits to Automakers & Dealerships

Benefits to Automakers & Dealerships

Increase Customer Lifetime Value—Keep customers engaged and purchasing related products and services across their journey. Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities while building lasting relationships, using their preferred channels.

Get a Unified 360-degree Customer Profile—Collect first-party data at scale to better understand your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and interests. Respond to and anticipate customer needs in real time. Identify and reward your best customers.

Improve Marketing & Margins—Create more relevant messaging and offers at every touchpoint. Avoid wasting ad spend on consumers least likely to buy.

Deliver an Individualized Omnichannel Experience—Create data-led, timely, relevant interactions—from researching online to driving off the lot and performing maintenance. Individualize ads and promotions online, on mobile, via social, and in person.

Increase Customer Acquisition—Gain new customers through advocates, referrals, and influencers.

Boost Customer Retention—Deliver benefits customers can’t find anywhere else, like exclusivity and early access. Boost engagement and add value between purchases by rewarding desired behaviors and actions.

Benefits to Customers

Increased Relevancy—Receive communications and offers tailored to their specific preferences, priorities, behaviors, and lifestyle.

Individualized Omnichannel Experience—Get a unique value-based experience using their preferred channels.

Mutual Value Exchange—Know they’re engaging with and buying from a company that truly understands who they are, what they’re looking for, and uses the data they share to deliver a unique, meaningful experience.

Reward & Recognition—Earn and redeem rewards for specific behaviors, like oil changes and maintenance, coming in for a test drive, downloading the app, and more.

Benefits to Customers

Why Annex Cloud?

Annex Cloud’s enterprise-ready Loyalty Experience Platform™ combines best-in-class loyalty management with powerful engagement and communication modules, enabling automakers & dealerships to build lasting customer bonds while accelerating growth.

Buy Only What You Need

Buy Only What You Need

The modular design lets you start with a mutual value exchange, then mix and match program and reward types as you grow

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Collect First-party Data at Scale

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, own your customer relationships

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Deliver a Seamless Individualized Experience

Push robust loyalty data across your tech stack to individualize every interaction

Go to Market Fast

Go to Market Fast

125+ pre-defined integrations and a large partner network let you easily integrate loyalty into your tech stack and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Build Lasting Emotional Bonds

Build Lasting Emotional Bonds

Widest range of engagement modules give you meaningful ways to interact with customers between purchases

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Elevate Your Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver spot-on messaging via web, SMS, social, email, or apps

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