Strengthen the cinema experience of customers with cutting-edge technology and 360-degree theatre loyalty solutions.

Loyalty is a key factor in the cinema experience. The cinema/theatre experience is a recreational activity, thereby customers cherish their quality time with their loved ones. If the experience is anything short of a high-end experience, there cannot be loyalty. There is no compromise in the immersive experience for building long-term loyalty for cinema and movie theatres.

Customer loyalty programs help theatres promote the right movies to the right customers by enabling them to track customer behaviors. Loyalty programs also help them communicate with customers through their owned channels. Lastly, they can maximize total visit revenue and continue to drive engagement post-purchase. Annex Cloud's wide range of cinema/movie theatre loyalty programs promotes a holistic, immersive experience with 360-degree solutions to keep the moviegoers engaged with the theatre.

Key Products Products to drive Cinema/ Movie Theatres Industry

Omnichannel Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • DotOnline
  • DotMobile application
  • DotPoints of Sales
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

  • DotReceipt Scanning for purchases made outside theatre owned channels

Revenue Benefits to Cinema/Movie Theatres Industry

Increased margins

Increased Customer Lifetime Value


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Melissa Boudreau, Founder of Bou Consulting and It Fits Bar, Brittany Catherman, Solutions Engineer at Savantis discusses the various aspects of a robust loyalty program and how it can drive long-term growth for brands in the entertainment industry.

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