Gift cards are the perfect stored value solution to increase revenue and sales among all kinds of customer segments.

Easy Gift Card Creation and Fulfillment

The Annex Cloud platform will handle creation and fulfillment of gift cards when your customers place orders, use loyalty points to redeem them or earn them via special promotions. Your digital gift cards and fulfillment emails are always designed to fit the look and feel of your brand which builds brand resonance and creates the perfect first impression for new customers.


Balance Management: Liability and Reconciliation

With built-in balance management, your customers can use a portion of their gift card and save the rest for later. Advanced reporting makes it easy to keep track of how many gift cards have been purchased and issued and how much balance liability you have remaining. And, scheduled reporting makes it easy to deliver this data to your accounting team.

Pre-Built Purchasing and Redemption Widgets

With pre-built widgets adding drop-in gift card capability to your site is easy.

Purchasing Widgets

Add gift card purchasing functionality to a dedicated product page, your checkout pages or your brand app and make it easy for customers to buy gift cards.


Redemption Widgets

With easy-to-integrate redemption widgets customers can pay with their gift card during checkout or add a gift card balance to their account to be used later. Pre-built POS and ecommerce integrations also mean you can integrate gift card redemption with your existing infrastructure.

Payment Management and Fraud Prevention

The Annex Cloud platform handles payment processing for all gift card purchases, simplifying integration and ongoing management. Randomized gift card codes combined with secure pins and built-in monitoring keeps your gift card balances safe.


Enhance the Customer Experience with Gift Cards

Cross-Channel Redemption and Management

With POS and ecommerce integrations, your customers can make purchases and check their gift card balance online, in-store and on your app.

Boost Marketing Efforts with

Gift Cards Make Great Loyalty Rewards

Give your customers the freedom to choose how they use their hard earned loyalty rewards. With loyalty integration customers can exchange their points for gift cards.

  • Customers don’t have to use the entire reward on one transaction, they can use a portion or save their rewards for a bigger purchase.
  • Customers can send their gift card reward to friends or family members, building acquisition into your loyalty strategy.
  • The flexibility to choose increases your customer’s feeling of investment in your loyalty program.
  • Unused gift card credit creates an opportunity to reach out to customers and drive traffic back to your site, boosting retention and brand recognition.

Increase Acquisition with Gift Cards

Step up your acquisition strategy by combining gift cards with referral marketing campaigns. Encouraging customers to send gift cards to their friends via referrals, creates an added incentive for both parties, boosting referral and acquisition rates.

Special Promotions with Gift Cards

Special promotions featuring gift cards give customers the extra boost they need to return to your site. From a revenue perspective you can create promotions that cost that the same as discounts, but the promise of a gift card creates a stronger incentive.


Easy Gifting

Give your customers the opportunity to share your brand with their friends and family on holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

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