Why Customer Loyalty for Retail is Crucial?


Shopper's needs and purchasing patterns have changed significantly over the past few years


The current genre of shoppers seek an enriching experience from their preferred brands


Influencing shoppers just by the product quality or discounted price is just not enough


Boost Your Customer's Lifetime Value with a Retail Loyalty Program.

A well-designed retail loyalty program will help brands to boost engagement and repeat purchase rate by delivering tangible incentives for your most important customers. Seamless experiences, strategic segmentation, and targeted messaging are necessary to help loyalty programs outperform the competition and continuously deliver ROI.

Annex Cloud's loyalty programs in retail is a perfect fit for any retail brand looking to engage with a customer. With powerful omni-channel and eCommerce capabilities, our loyalty program is well equipped to give you success with your most profitable customers both in and out of your stores.


Online Loyalty

Invest in Your Online Shoppers

Ecommerce loyalty programs are a powerful tool for online retailers to compete on the market. Annex Cloud's solution is extremely customizable and able to integrate with platforms like SAP, Magento, Shopify Plus, and more. You can create a customized loyalty program that fits seamlessly into your retail website. You'll have a loyalty program that fits into your online strategy, with a strong game plan for loyalty program recruitment and marketing.

Looking For Inspiration? See Sugarfina

See what Sugarfina has done with their Annex Cloud powered loyalty program to really increase their sales with their most profitable customers.


In-Store Loyalty

Want your customers to keep coming back to your brick and mortar locations. With our retail loyalty programs, you can boost in-store repeat purchase rates and get customers excited about visiting. From pre-built POS integrations to extensive store management functionality and best practices for staff training and recruitment strategies our in-store loyalty helps drive loyalty wherever your customers are shopping.

Learn About Brick And Mortar Loyalty

See how Brick and Mortar loyalty is changing - read up on the important trends and changes of your industry peers in this powerful white paper.


In-App Loyalty

If you already have a branded retail app, we make integrating retail loyalty programs easy. Our native iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to add loyalty program enrollment, customer dashboards, and reward redemption into your app so your customers can easily check their standing, find out what rewards they have available and redeem their rewards anywhere

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