Individualize Every Part of the Customer Experience

The Loyalty Experience Manager gives you maximum flexibility to mix and match program type and reward type to fit the specific needs and wants of individual customer segments.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Engage and motivate every loyalty member with a wide range of reward options—including gift cards, products, travel, charitable donations, and more


Allow members to progress to higher tiers based on purchase activity and behaviors, with higher tiers providing unique recognition, exclusive benefits, and more


Recognize and reward customers for more than just purchases, including actions and behaviors that may include social sharing, writing reviews, downloading an app, and more


Recognize and reward customers for their purchases and overall purchase behavior

Paid Membership

Increase engagement and ROI with a paid membership subscription program that offers exclusive benefits and added value for a monthly fee


Join forces with other brands, enabling members to earn and redeem rewards through either brand while extending your reach

Solutions for Complex Business Cases

Manage complex business ecosystems with multiple countries, languages, currencies, brands, & more

Promotions & Incentives

Create digital rewards, gift cards, offers, and more to use within a loyalty program or as part of any marketing campaign independent of a loyalty program

Native Receipt Scan

Rewards members for every purchase no matter where they shop while identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities

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