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Annex Cloud Login Services make customer identity management easy, quick, and seamless. The fully customizable solution delivers a complete top to bottom registration system with Registration as a Service, cohesive data with Single Sign On, and convenience with social insights with Social Login. We speed up the checkout process and deliver insights about your customers that enable you to build remarkable customer connections and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Maximize Your Customer Profiles

80% of email marketers send the same content to all subscribers.
- Hubspot
Learn About Your Customers

Learn About Your Customers

  • Collect valuable customer demographic and social graph data to better target your messaging
  • Increase account registration and shopping cart conversion
  • From registration type to the information you collect, customize everything based on your business needs

Your Success Is Our Success

We offer fully managed services including strategy, built in technology and
customization to suit your exact needs.

Why Annex Cloud

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