Boost Email Marketing Campaigns Using Comprehensive Loyalty Data

Annex Cloud loyalty integration with Klaviyo ESP enables the availability of rich, first party loyalty data. This provides our combined clients the ability to segment customers in a more sophisticated way and deliver hyper-personalized communications via email. The combined platform gives marketers the ability to better understand their customers preferences and behaviors and act on this information in a meaningful and personalized way.

Core Features of Annex Cloud Loyalty And Klaviyo ESP Integration

  • Dot ImagePersonalize customer experiences through email, leveraging the rich first party data that loyalty provides
  • Dot ImageLeverage the first party data to better understand your customers preferences and then act by sending more relevant emails
  • Dot ImageSegment your customers based on their behaviors and preferences with sophisticated segmentation and personalization capabilities, allowing you to refine messaging and incentive strategy to drive stronger brand engagement and higher campaign success
  • Dot ImageSmart triggers enhance your strategy by using loyalty data to derive action based messages
  • Send referral links to loyalty program members via email to prompt them to share the same with their family & friends
  • Send emails to customers to review newly purchased products just after the transaction is completed
  • Trigger a notification email when a customer submits a product review/image
  • Trigger further engagement actions such as opting into or earning a tier in a loyalty program, earning/redeeming a specific reward and more



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A Combined Solution Will Enhance Your Customers Experience and Your Bottom Line

  • Increase customer acquisition considerably by sending timely emails prompting customers to refer their peers
  • Enhance customer engagement by sending loyalty summary emails that keep customers more informed and looking for more
  • Increase sales and revenue by segmenting & targeting customers based on their individual loyalty profiles
  • Richer personalization into emails helps attract a positive impression and deliver more enriching customer experience
  • Drive improved ROI from email marketing campaigns by effectively delivering more conversion-driving emails

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