Annex Cloud Upgrades Internationalization Capabilities for
Entire Platform of Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing Software

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing solutions, has enhanced its internationalization capabilities for its entire unified platform.

Internationalization refers to easy adaption of the software to meet national, regional, or culture requirements depending on the audience. This is a useful update for customer loyalty and advocate marketing software as it makes these solutions--which can lift average order value, purchase frequency, and revenue by up to 20 percent--much easier to deploy around the world.

Annex Cloud’s internationalized loyalty and advocate marketing solutions enable marketing teams to automatically...

  • Change languages and currencies depending on which country-specific site a user is on
  • Automatically display the user interface in the shopper’s browser-specific language, no matter which country or language site they’re on

Internationalized loyalty and referral programs automatically reflect the user’s currency as well as their language. With internationalized Visual Commerce and User Generated Content, marketers can…

  • Manage different displays for different locales
  • Seamlessly syndicate content across different sites
  • Automatically detect and translate content from more than 100 different languages: All written content is stored in our database using Unicode UTF-8 character coding so any caption can be displayed in any supported language.
  • Instantly screen and disapprove inappropriate content in any language
  • Gather image permissions and use approval hashtags for Visual Commerce in different languages
  • Translate questions to solicit answers from customers across the world

Annex Cloud is the only software company that has a full set of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions--including Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, Questions and Answers, Refer a Friend, and Social Login--under one roof.

“Thanks to Annex Cloud’s enhanced internationalization capabilities, businesses looking to launch multiple customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions in multiple regions don’t have to use more than one vendor and can still enjoy state-of-the-art software. This saves time, money, and stress, while giving teams access to analytics of unprecedented depth.” - Diana Smith, Director of Product, Annex Cloud

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