Customers don’t think in terms of channels, they experience and interact with brands in a lot of different ways—and expect them all to deliver unique one-to-one communications. Deep understanding of customer behaviors and preferences is essential to executing this level of experience and phasing out third-party cookies means enterprises need a Plan B when it comes to collecting and leveraging data directly from customers.

Together, Infobip and Annex Cloud deliver exceptional customer experiences, on every channel, across the entire customer journey.

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“Converting every customer into a loyal brand advocate is the holy grail in customer experience management. Infobip’s global cloud communications platform with omnichannel engagement, identity/authentication, security, and contact center solutions in concert with Annex Cloud’s loyalty solution can help brands realize this vision.”

Arun Kumar, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, Infobip

Infobip & Annex Cloud—Better Together

Leverage Loyalty Data—Everywhere

Annex Cloud pushes robust first-party loyalty data across your tech stack, enabling you to create personalized, value-based interactions no matter where or how customers choose to engage—including social, chatbots, live chat, contact centers, and more.

Turbo Charge Your ROI with Sophisticated Segmentation

Segment using any combination of customer, transaction, behavior, preference, and loyalty data—using any combination of data elements—to bring precision and relevance to your interactions, driving higher ROI than traditional assumptive B2C methods. Proactively engage customers when points are about to expire, they have an opportunity to earn bonus points, or they’re just shy of the next tier to boost revenue.

Acquire and Convert More Customers with Advanced Engagement

Leverage gamification, contests, Refer a Friend, Ratings & Reviews, and more to connect and add value between transactions, reduce your acquisition costs, and create emotional bonds that build lasting advocacy.

Deliver Unique Omnichannel Experiences

A unified customer profile connects siloed data across marketing, sales, and service enabling you to create unique journeys that dynamically pivot based on how customers interact with your brand.

"By combining Infobip’s Cloud Communication platform and Annex Cloud’s personalized loyalty solution, we can build programs that truly provide our customers with all the right tools to create an engaging and effective retention solution.”

Al Lalani, Co-Founder & CEO, Annex Cloud


Arun Kumar

Market Movers Video

Arun Kumar, Senior Director - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, and Sanja Buterin, Global Marketing Director, talks about some of the more key stats and data points that they saw during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and compare it to the changes that occurred during the market crash of 2008.

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