Personalized, Relevant Customer Communication To Foster Genuine Customer Loyalty

Annex Cloud and Infobip's integrated platform aims at fostering improved customer loyalty by facilitating personalized, more relevant customer communication. With Annex Cloud's loyalty integrated with Infobip's personalized communication platform, brands can deliver contextual customer communication on promotional offers, loyalty membership status, and more via the diverse communication channels preferred by customers.

Integrated Platform Core Features
A Quick Overview

  • Personalized messaging across customer-preferred channels
  • Send loyalty membership updates via contextual messages
  • Bring a human touch to existing customer communication
  • Timely reminders to customers on unredeemed rewards/offers
  • Enhanced contact center experience for customers
  • Omnichannel customer support via a single interface
  • Self-service intelligent Chatbot for quick query resolution
  • Create rich customer profiles for targeted communication
  • All customer data available on a single connected platform
  • Measure effectiveness & efficiency of targeted campaigns

Market Movers Video Series

Arun Kumar, Senior Director - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, and Sanja Buterin, Global Marketing Director, talks about some of the more key stats and data points that they saw during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and compare it to the changes that occurred during the market crash of 2008.



Loyalty and Personalized Communications Platform Integration

Attain improved customer engagement and boost customer retention via Annex Cloud's loyalty platform integrated with Infobip's personalized communication platform.

  • Map and sync data between loyalty cloud and communications cloud
  • Create individualized data-rich customer profiles using rich loyalty data
  • Personalize marketing campaigns for better outreach and impact
  •  Automate workflows with entire customer loyalty information at single place


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Personalized customer communication holds the key to retaining customers in this severe industry competition. A combined loyalty with personalized communication platform thus enables brands to leverage competitive advantages.

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