Simplify Your Integrations with Combined Customer Loyalty and Identity Management Services

Login credentials are a necessary part of any loyalty program. Whether you’re looking to add a registration system or Social Login capability, or just want to simplify your technology vendor ecosystem, we offer comprehensive Identity Management Services to supplement your Customer Loyalty program.

Customer Loyalty Integrations

Social Login

Streamline the checkout process and simultaneously collect robust social graph data by enabling your customers to create an account and log in to your site using their existing social media credentials. Social Login reduces password fatigue, lowers shopping cart abandonment rates, and delivers powerful demographic and social data.

Advanced Social Login Features

  • Efficient permission management and authentication processes
  • Automatic updates with social network APIs and integration changes
  • Robust analytics tied into your loyalty program that enhance segmentation and marketing strategies

Understand the full business case for Social Login and get valuable insights from our Customer Success Team in our Social Login: Frequently Asked Questions white paper!

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Social Login Features

Single Sign-On

Unify login credentials across your multiple web properties and make checkout simple for your customers. By giving customers a single login for all your web properties and brands, you can reduce friction at checkout, encourage customers to explore your multiple brands, and deepen your customer insights.

Advanced Single Sign-On Features

  • Double verified authentication ensures password security
  • Comprehensive customer profiles and analytics are native to Customer Loyalty dashboard
  • Simplicity in adding and removing web properties and applications from your Single Sign-On network
  • A unified login system that makes your multi-brand Customer Loyalty program even more seamless

Single Sign-On Features

Registration as a Service

A unified platform makes adding an entire registration system into your website easy. Not only is our Registration as a Service comprehensive, safe, and secure, but native registration linked with Customer Loyalty also makes processes like checkout integration and advanced personalization effortless.

Advanced Registration as a Service Features

  • Customizable registration fields collect comprehensive customer profile information
  • Enhanced data personalizes customer experiences
  • Double verified authentication ensures password security

Registration as a Service Features

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