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IBM Partner Annex Cloud Readies Websphere Commerce 8
Users for Next Gen of eCommerce Marketing

Customer loyalty and advocate marketing software vendor Annex Cloud has just been certified for IBM Websphere Commerce 8. This approval opens up the IBM e-commerce community to verified marketing solutions like Refer a Friend, Visual Commerce, User Generated Content, and more.

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of omni-channel customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, has just been certified for IBM Websphere Commerce 8.

Users are already flocking to Websphere Commerce 8--IBM’s latest e-commerce platform--and Annex Cloud is meeting them there. Their seven core offerings--Refer a Friend, Share and Save, Ratings and Reviews, Questions and Answers, and Loyalty--are available in the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

These solutions give Websphere Commerce 8 users new ways of transforming casual browsers into vocal brand advocates. Annex Cloud is the only certified IBM business partner offering many of these advocate marketing programs, including Visual Commerce and Refer a Friend.

All of these offerings are also available on IBM Commerce on Cloud, and are backwards compatible with Websphere Commerce 7.

Scott Hawkyard, Vice President of Sales at Annex Cloud, notes that “IBM’s strict vetting process means that vendors who get verified and certified are the best of the best. We’re delighted to join this community and help shape the next generation of commerce.”

ABOUT Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud offers the only complete customer loyalty and advocate marketing platform that transforms browsers into loyal brand advocates. The unified platform of Customer Loyalty, User Generated Content, Refer a Friend, and Visual Commerce solutions work together to deliver comprehensive customer data and seamless customer experiences. Learn more about our platform, fully managed services, and pre-built integrations at www.annexcloud.com

For additional information, please visit www.annexcloud.com or call 1-866-802-8806.

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