Put Your Customers First and Let them Do the Talking. Get Your Guide on How to Build an Advocacy Growth Engine.

Building Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

for Hospitality Brands


Consumers’ expectations for excellent customer service are continuously on the rise and for hospitality brands that means a demand for personalization. And while word of mouth and personal recommendations have always been a large part of the hospitality industry, the channels and mediums are shifting.



We deliver software-as-a-service solutions to help you tailor your customer’s experiences, tap into their positive sentiments, and reach their like-minded friends and family to increase customer acquisition and boost retention.

Connect & Engage

Customer Loyalty for Hospitality Brands

Customer Loyalty programs have their roots in the hospitality industry but, loyalty has come a long way. Today, you can deliver a powerful loyalty program that not only helps reduce third party booking platforms and cut CTA costs, but enables you intelligently engage your customers and build stronger relationships. Reward for reservations and purchases as well as participation in Refer a Friend, Visual Commerce, and Ratings and Reviews programs.

Sharing and Referrals Benefits

Sharing and Referrals for Hospitality Brands

With Sharing and Referral solutions you can tap into the conversations about your brand that are already taking place and leverage them to collect and connect with new customers. Grow your customer database and directly connect with new customers to put your brand in front of your competition.

ugc icon

User Generated Content for Hospitality Brands

The way consumers choose their hospitality brands is shifting. With the growth of online review websites, customers can make choices without ever engaging with your brand. Reclaim consumers’ attention and leverage your customers’ positive sentiments to connect and engage with new customers. With our complete User Generated Content solution you can not only collect and display customer’s reviews you can leverage a Smart Engagement Algorithm to encourage and incent customers to share content.

visual commerce

Visual Commerce for Hospitality Brands

You know your customers are taking pictures. Whether it’s a picture of the great view from their room or an excellent dinner, they’re taking pictures to share with their friends and family and of course post on social media networks. Visual Commerce makes collecting and curating these pictures easy and permission based access means you can use the pictures on any marketing collateral, from your website to emails or even lobby displays.

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