Established in 1999, GiftsForYouNow is a family-owned company based in Woodridge, Illinois that provides customers with unique, personalized gifts. GiftsForYouNow enjoys a smooth launch of its loyalty program, as well as a strategic partnership with Annex Cloud.


In 2020, Jim Tuchler, the president and owner of GiftsForYouNow, wanted to find a way to differentiate his company from its competitors and develop more repeat customers.

“There are a couple of us in the personalized gift space that offer some similar products, so we were looking for a way to make us stand out,” said Becky Polacek, Sr. Marketing Manager of GiftsForYouNow. “We also have a lot of customers who just buy once, maybe twice. We want people to come back more often and feel rewarded for doing so.”

To achieve the company’s goals, Jim spearheaded the effort to establish the company’s first loyalty program and began researching available options. After reviewing Jim’s initial findings concerning vendors, the company agreed on Annex Cloud as their partner of choice.

“It just seemed like the Annex Cloud team would be there to hold our hand the whole way through,” said Becky. “They’d answer all our questions. They’d be really, really involved in the implementation. They would be there for every step.”

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It was the hands-on approach and the ease of launch that made this program a success.

Becky Polacek
Sr. Marketing Manager, GiftsForYouNow


In the summer of 2020, GiftsForYouNow initiated its partnership with Annex Cloud and began to develop the company’s loyalty program.

Right away, GiftsForYouNow was impressed with Annex Cloud’s strong communication and support.

“Annex Cloud was really responsive,” said Becky. “The same team from Annex Cloud was always working with our data team, so we knew who to go to in order to get the answers we needed. Even though we’re on different coasts, someone always answered on their end.”

Annex Cloud also provided valuable strategic guidance when setting up the loyalty program.

“Annex Cloud was really helpful about suggesting what we should be doing,” said Becky. “I’d never worked on a loyalty program at all, so this was a first in every single way for me. But the Annex Cloud team was always there to help and give guidelines about how and why certain things should be set up. They gave us tons of email examples and told us exactly what to do for email strategy.”

GiftsForYouNow’s customer loyalty program ultimately launched at the end of October 2020 and, based on its performance during its initial months, appears to be a success.

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Successful launch of inaugural customer loyalty program

Increased customer traffic and coupon redemption


Valuable strategic guidance


Strong, responsive communication and support

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