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Loyalty Levers Getting the Most Out of Your Loyalty Program

In this video Rheina Ale, Customer Success Manager at Annex Cloud, speaks about the ways to get the most out of your loyalty program. Being a part of the team at Annex Cloud that has launched hundreds of reward and loyalty programs and continuing with her customers throughout the process, Rheina shares what she has found to be the most advantageous and the best aspects to utilize within a loyalty program.

Getting the Most Out of Your Loyalty Program

Hi, everyone. Welcome to our fourth video of our Loyalty Levers series. Today, I'm going to share some ideas on how to get the biggest benefit from your loyalty program. So let's dive right into it, the first and probably most important part of getting the biggest benefit of your loyalty program is to make earning points fun, how much you earn and how quickly you earn is key.

Make sure you're earning at least 5% or more of what you spent in rewards or points, and you should reach a benefit or reward within those three months. You can even make a game out of the program to encourage repeat customers. So for example, you can have your customers buy a yoga mat, a yoga block, and yoga apparel, and in return, they'll receive a personalized product.

Another way to get the most out of your program is to effectively market and communicate to your customers about the program overall. Communication is key, so you want to send targeted and meaningful messages to engage customers with personalized content and offers. And you can really capitalize on this by using your social media. So for example, you can take a list of newsletter subscribers, who haven't opted into your loyalty program and target those members through a Facebook or Instagram post or ad, with the offer you're promoting about your program.

You can also ask your customers for feedback and surveys to help make improvements. This can help build trust and improve the relationship, along with giving other potential customers an idea of how your current customers are liking your product. You can also send regular newsletters and relevant content around the program. So third, you should want to create a personalized experience for your customers. These experiences will encourage customers to talk about your program with others, and word of mouth is very powerful.

The key to customer retention is to build relationships with your customers, listen to their feedback, and make personalized recommendations to the program. So one example is to make part of the proceeds from any purchase, will go to providing resources to a cause, charity, or community of your choice. Also, giving customers early access to perks, such as sales, product launches, invitations to exclusive events can be a huge benefit of your program as well, even offering special prices, discounts, or free shipping. So thank you for your time today, and I hope these ideas and examples are very helpful.

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