Annex Cloud Announces IT-Free Fully Hosted
Customer Loyalty Programs and Referral Marketing Solutions

Fully Hosted Solutions let marketing teams implement Customer Loyalty programs and Referral Marketing programs independently without any impact on IT teams.

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with an extensive platform of Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing and User Generated Content solutions, is announcing the debut of fully hosted customer loyalty and referral marketing solutions with enhanced capabilities for its clients.

Fully hosted Loyalty and Referral Marketing solutions by Annex Cloud gives companies’ the potential to run solutions that help them improve customer acquisition, conversion and retention - with minimal or no involvement from their technical team.

What is Annex Cloud’s fully hosted solution?

Though Annex Cloud’s client-side integration is fairly easy to implement, IT resources are still a challenge to obtain given other priorities, creating a barrier for marketing teams to move forward quickly in implementing a Customer Loyalty program or a Referral Marketing program.

This necessitated the creation of advanced capabilities which allow clients to host and manage their Customer Loyalty and Referral Marketing solutions on Annex Cloud’s domain (white labeled for the client) instead of the client’s domain, and yet, get the same unmatched efficiency and deliverability of a client-side integration with some basic functional limitations. When IT teams are ready, this hosted solution can be migrated to a fully integrated solution easily allowing for marketing teams to go to market with minimal to no IT involvement and schedule a complete integration later depending on availability of resources.

Simply put, Annex Cloud’s fully hosted solution works as an extended arm for the client, which yields great results minus technical integration or implementation processes. Marketers and analysts enjoy similar access to unprecedented amounts of unified data that illustrates consumer movements, interactions, and purchases across channels like before - making rewarding and redemption easier than ever.

“Annex Cloud strongly believes in a customer first approach and fully hosted solutions is a huge step on our way to remove barriers and allow faster go to market for marketing teams. It also enables us to reduce time to value for our service to our customers while helping them improve their bottom line faster”- Al Lalani, Founder and Chief Strategist said.

Benefits of a Fully Hosted Loyalty and Referral Marketing Solution:

  • Minimal to no involvement from the client’s IT team
  • Unmatched efficiency equivalent to client-side integration with minimal functional disruption
  • Works for both the Customer Loyalty Program and for Referral Marketing Program solutions
  • Much faster time to market allowing to review results and optimize campaigns
  • Ability to move easily to a fully integrated solution later

About Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud helps you get more from your customers. Fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions work together to deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more resilient customer relationships. All of our solutions are backed by an expert team of Customer Success Managers, comprehensive analytics, and extensive third-party integrations.

For additional information, please visit or call 1-866-802-8806.

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