Wednesday, August 24


2 p.m. EST


45 minutes

Overcome Your Personalization Challenges—for Good

Marketers face increasing obstacles—the phasing out of third-party cookies, global privacy laws, ad blocking, walled gardens and more—that impact their ability to collect and use data to better target customers and personalize interactions. Successful brands are using loyalty platforms to collect data that consumers willingly and proactively share to deliver more relevant, personalized messages and offers, building emotional bonds and deeper customer-brand relationships.

In this informative session, Annex Cloud's VP of Growth Erin Raese will be joined by guest speaker Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Mary Pileki, as well as TaylorMade's Global General Manager Hani Yassin, and Shaklee's VP of Product Management Tracy Hawkins.

Save your spot to learn:

  • Forrester research findings on what consumers want from your brand
  • How to effectively collect zero-party data with consent
  • How loyalty enables meaningful personalization that builds lasting bonds
  • Best practices for personalizing your customers’ experiences
  • How TaylorMade and Shaklee are effectively applying these principles to show their customers how much they appreciate them

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Mary Pilecki

Mary Pilecki VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Mary serves B2C marketing professionals, leading Forrester’s customer loyalty coverage. Her research focuses on loyalty strategy, loyalty programs, consumer trends, and the tools, skills, and processes B2C marketers need to manage and measure loyal customer relationships. She helps marketers navigate the continually changing landscape of loyalty technology and services, as well as emerging trends such as emotional loyalty. Mary previous worked as a VP and research director, leading a team of analysts covering enterprise marketing technology, loyalty marketing, search marketing, customer database and engagement providers, and customer trust and privacy.

Erin Raese

Erin Raese VP of Growth, Annex Cloud

As SVP of Growth, Erin is responsible for sales, partner development and corporate marketing. Erin is a commercial growth executive with proven expertise in taking small and mid-size organizations to the next level. She also brings an unparalleled customer loyalty strategy and innovation expertise. As a passionate loyalty strategist, Erin has focused her career on helping organizations build profitable relationships with their customers, develop long-term brand loyalty, and increase customer retention and revenue in both B2B and B2C environments.


Hani Yassin

Hani Yassin, Global General Manager

Tracy Hawkins

Tracy Hawkins, VP of Product Management


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