Annex Cloud & Forrester Research

Guest speaker Forrester VP/Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, and Erin Raese, SVP at Annex Cloud, teamed up to discuss 5 steps to bring loyalty to life - as your secret weapon.

What You'll Learn:
  • What makes consumers actually choose the companies they do business with
  • Why tactical loyalty programs fail, while customer-focused loyalty strategies succeed
  • How leading organizations are using data to compete and win market share
  • Which companies today are creating experiences that bond customers to their brand
  • What actionable steps you can take to shift your biggest loyalty challenges into opportunities
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Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher

VP, Principal Analyst


Brendan serves digital business strategy professionals and is an expert on consumer behavior and technology trends in the commerce engagement space. He is an authority on market developments and vendors that help deliver today's leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence. Brendan has written over 150 industry-leading research reports and is a trusted adviser to over half of the US Fortune 100 companies — including 8 of the top 10 — that sit at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption. Brendan is sought after for comments and insights by industry media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Marketplace, NPR, PBS, The Economist, Time, and The Wall Street Journal.

Leandro Bertolami

Erin Raese

SVP of Marketing & Partnerships

Annex Cloud

Erin Raese is the SVP of Marketing and Partnerships at Annex Cloud, responsible for partner development and corporate marketing. As a passionate loyalty strategist, Erin has focused her career on helping both B2B and B2c organizations build profitable relationships with their customers, develop long-term brand loyalty, and increase customer retention and revenue. She is equally passionate about spending quality time with her son and golden retriever and giving back through mentoring.

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