Get your retention program up and running at no cost to double down on loyalty during market unrest.

Market unrest, uncertainty, volatility for whatever reason is a call to action not inaction. This action requires a laser focus on loyalty and customer retention. In this current climate of social distancing, retaining your most loyal and profitable customers will be critical to your success. Therefore, we want to help you get your retention program up and running at zero cost so you can be ready to double up on your customer efforts.

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Implementation Fees Waived on all Annex Cloud costs


Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Implementation Manager

* Promotional offer available from April 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020. Must set-up a discovery call and get qualified by a loyalty specialist to receive offer.

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Webinar Recording
DX Dialog, Loyalty & Retention with EPI CEO

In this virtual DX Dialog with Alexander Atzberger, CEO of Episerver, we dive deep in how companies foster loyalty by going beyond point programs.

Loyalty Solutions for Episerver Customers


Boost customer retention, increase repeat purchase rates, and cultivate more resilient customer relationships.


Integrates with Episerver Commerce and Marketing Platforms.


Referral Marketing and User Generated Content solutions complement the loyalty platform by building customer advocacy and delivering valuable customer content.


B2B loyalty programs offer the flexibility companies need to serve their clients, reduce churn, and increase the ROI of their marketing dollars.

Design a Loyalty Program that Meets Your Customer’s Needs

  • Customizable Rewards
  • Tailored Loyalty Actions
  • Dynamic Onsite Tracking
  • Program Management
  • Tiered Programs
  • Integrated Social Actions
  • RFM Analysis
  • Integrated Checkout Redemption
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • 360° Customer Profiles
  • Gift Card Management
  • Receipt Data Aggregator
  • Pre-Built POS Integrations

Customer Success not just Customer Service

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Dedicated Support Team

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Dedicated Implementation Manager
  • Creative Team with Full Design Support

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Ongoing Consultation

  • Monthly Meetings (or more frequent upon request)
  • Performance Reviews/QBRs
  • Post Launch and Ongoing UATs
  • Monthly (ongoing) UATs and Best Practices

Loyalty Platform Pricing Sheet


Loyalty Cloud

  • Multi-channel Loyalty Cloud Solution
  • Customizable rules-based engine for points and benefits earning and redemption
  • Unlimited business rules, tiers and campaigns
  • Customizable rewards including coupons, gift cards, products or benefits
  • Comprehensive loyalty member targeting and segmentation engine
  • Liability Management and reporting
  • Gamification
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Standard Edition +
Social & Behavioral Loyalty

  • Track and Reward for Social Connections
  • Track and Reward for Social Mentions
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across the Commerce experience
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across any customer channel
  • Ability to create coalition type loyalty programs through tracking behaviors
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Professional Edition +
Refer a Friend

  • Comprehensive Refer a Friend Module to track referrals to any conversion action
  • Comprehensive rewards for social sharing across multiple social networks
  • Extensive Fraud Protection to prevent mis-use
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across any customer channel
  • Comprehensive referral campaign targeting and segment
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Added to Standard,
Professional or Advanced

  • Paid Membership Loyalty
  • Receipt Data Aggregator
  • Extensive Fraud Protection to prevent mis-use
  • Influencer Management drive influencers to acquire new customers and loyalty members
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Product Questions and Answers
  • Visual Commerce
Price as Needed


Annex Cloud delivers configurable loyalty solutions. The price of each loyalty program depends on a number of individual factors. Both Software and Services are charged at annual fee. Services are amortized for the length of the contract and paid annually like software as a recurring fee.

Industry Tailored Loyalty Solutions

Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

Building Products


Discrete Industries

Discrete Industries


Financial Services

Financial Services



Service Industries

Service Industries



Professional Services

Sports & Entertainment


Consumer Industries

Consumer Industries

Consumer Products



Wholesale Distribution

Public Services

Public Services


About B2B Customer Loyalty

B2B Customer Loyalty is a configurable program designed to suit the unique needs of B2B clients

Rewards Management

Configurable Rewards Management Structure

Reward individual purchaser or a team

Rewards Designed

Rewards Designed for B2B Buyer

Invoice Deductions, Ancillary Services, Experiential Office Rewards, Office Products, Office Treats

Communication Channel

Integrations in all Communication Channels

The ability to adapt loyalty marketing to B2B's non-linear communication channels, and communicate with wide variety of stakeholders across your team and distributors, affiliates, and partners.

Loyalty Actions

Configurable Loyalty Actions

Reward your customers for things like renewals, acting as a reference, participating in customer surveys, engaging with their account managers, and interviewing for marketing content.



Referral Datasheet

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Implementation Process

Goal Icon   Goal Alignment

Goal alignment workshops are conducted with the senior management and relevant business teams to align on each team’s strategic objectives.

Search Icon   Discover

In the discovery phase the Customer Success team gains a thorough understanding of your customers, processes, marketing strategy, and industry landscape.

Light Icon   Define

The Customer Success team works closely with your client to define KPIs, ownership, and map the customer ideal experience.

Design Icon   Design

Once the team has established a solid foundation, they work to design a loyalty program suited to your client’s needs.

Box Icon   Deliver

The Customer Success team delivers thorough documentation covering the program, business processes, marketing, technology, and program management.

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