Audit Log

The audit log shows various changes in your Annex Cloud account. It saves a record of these changes in our system.

Login History

  • . User logged in out of business hours
  • . Two or more users login from same system
  • . Same user logging from multiple systems
  • . Unsuccessful Login
  • . Unsuccessful login for multiple times
  • . User Account or Group is created
  • . User Account is renamed, disabled or enabled
  • . A password is set or changed
login history
Admin Configuration

Admin Configuration

  • .Adding a new Site Admin
  • .Changes in the Admin settings for the customer profile
  • .Adding a new module for the customer
  • .Enabling / Disabling a feature/module for a customer
  • .Change of Admin password and Login credential
  • .Providing new roles to users
  • .Changes in the Admin email and contact details
  • .Changes in the Admin access rights


  • .Call to Action modifications
  • .Changes to presentation layer UI updates
  • .Template modifications
  • .Moderation Changes


  • .Creation of new campaigns, segments, actions, tiers, rewards
  • .Changes to existing campaigns, segments, actions, tiers,rewards
  • .Modifications to Advance configuration like Purchase, Block list, Email Settings etc
  • . Integration configuration changes

Data Changes

  • .Report requests
  • .Report Downloads/Exports
  • .Modifications to Advance configuration like Purchase, Block list, Email Settings
  • . User data modification related to Points, Tiers and any other related data
data changes
log expert

Log Exports

Users can transfer the log files to an SFTP server. A console to configure the SFTP server can be created to successfully transfer the files to the server. Data can be transferred batch-wise or continuous.

  • .Export to JSON format
  • .Users can pass the predefined parameters to get the JSON response. Data can be filtered by Users, Data range, action etc.
  • .Export to PDF - Option to send a password-protected PDF
  • .Export to CSV - Export to.csv

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