Annex Cloud Announces Enhanced Visual Commerce Reporting

Newly enhanced reporting dashboards empower marketing teams to get deeper actionable insights quickly.

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with an extensive platform of Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions, has enhanced their Visual Commerce Reporting Dashboard, giving clients more power and control to review and analyze their data in a meaningful way.

With Enhanced Visual Commerce Reporting features by Annex Cloud, marketing teams can now quickly evaluate the overall performance of their visual marketing campaigns across their website with data such as impressions, conversions, revenue generated and much more.

What are these enhancements?

A Sleeker User- Friendly Interface

Annex Cloud’s newly upgraded user-interface features multiple publishing options, expansive search criteria, and a grid view. The enhancements create an aesthetically pleasing, more user-friendly experience improving workflow efficiency and further amplifying the robustness of the reporting dashboard.

New Hover Effect for Quick Info

The hover-effect over images provides quick access to information and data including, image and video asset sources, user profiles, product information, device type, associated products, and more. It is designed to save teams time and resources previously required for thorough evaluation.

Streamlined Data Curation

With the abundance of user generated content collected through campaigns, it becomes time consuming to monitor and figure out which images align with your brand, products, and goals.

With this in mind, Annex Cloud has added new features to help social media teams streamline the curation process. Now teams can create Blocked Keyword lists of inappropriate or irrelevant words and competitive references that may appear in image captions and tag them for automatic disapproval. This helps teams save time and eliminates the possibility of human error in the curation process. They can also list and flag problematic keywords which would require manual approval before being published anywhere on their website or shoppic gallery

Business Focused Reporting

Annex Cloud has now added self-explanatory naming conventions for reports, which address the business needs of the clients and makes navigation smoother.

Clients can now generate actionable reports that will help them analyze and improve individual aspects of their campaigns. They can generate product performance reports to understand which products are performing well in terms of conversion and revenue generation, they can also review the performance of user generated and product images. They can closely examine submission and coverage reports to check image details, image sources, impressions, interactions, and pull up the reason code reports to quickly see the number of images disapproved and the reason behind it.

With Annex Cloud’s enhanced reporting dashboard - marketing teams can draw actionable conclusions to refine and improve product association, image and video asset positioning, promotional messaging, and much more, heightening the efficacy of their campaigns.

"After careful inspection of client's needs and requirements, we have ensured that our newest version of Visual Commerce Reporting addresses these needs while making the entire process actionable and results-oriented" says Maciek Gorzkowski, Vice President of Customer Success, Annex Cloud

About Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud helps you get more from your customers. Fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions work together to deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more resilient customer relationships. All of our solutions are backed by an expert team of Customer Success Managers, comprehensive analytics, and extensive third-party integrations.

For additional information, please visit or call 1-866-802-8806.

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