E-Cig Case Study on Customer Loyalty Integration Loyalty Program

What You Will Learn:

This anonymous case study details how a top e-cigarette retailer partnered with Annex Cloud to implement a customer loyalty program enhanced with social login. The retailer wanted to increase retention and repeat purchase rates and was hoping to collect more customer data at the same time. Annex Cloud’s unified platform offered the perfect opportunity to combine solutions to accomplish all of their goals.

Download the case study to get the full story including how they expanded engagement by rewarding for a customized set of actions and how the Annex Cloud team streamlined integration with their ecommerce platform, BigCommerce and ESP, MailChimp.

“All in all, we have found it both extremely convenient and cost-effective to have Social Login and Customer Loyalty on one platform. Moreover, we’re seeing concrete benefits in terms of conversion and retention.”

eCommerce Executive, E-Cigarette Company