With a program structure defined, we move to the design phase designing across these areas:

Design Steps






Program Elements

Program Elements

  • Design your customer-facing program elements
  • Web and mobile pages
  • Design program structure—earning options, tiers, actions

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Annex Cloud Offers Pre-Defined Design Templates

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Marketer User Experience

Design customization happens for your customer as well as for you and your team.

One of the biggest areas of design for you, the marketer running the program, is your dashboard. Annex Cloud works with you to design the dashboard to your business, your vernacular and KPIs.

Marketer User Experience


During this phase our technology teams work closely together designing the data flows and associated connectivity needs. Specifically we define the needs flow, define the approach and design the necessary project plans.

Program Marketing

During this phase we identify, define and design marketing plan and core program marketing elements. This plan and these activities are geared toward you and your company. Think of the materials you need to train the organization. What information is needed?

  • Design launch and/or change management needs
  • Identify marketing elements
  • Identify and design training elements
Program Marketing
Communications Plan

Communications Plan

During this phase we identify, define and design your customer communications plan:

  • Design new program communications plan
  • Design new program elements
  • Design messaging; messaging by segment, by channel

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Annex Cloud’s technology stands out particularly with personalization and customer analytics – making it easy for users to take advantage of predictive models and see how campaigns impact behavior.


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