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Companies have a responsibility to protect the consumer data they collect, and the ones that do it right will be rewarded with positive brand image, repeat purchases, loyalty, and more. But data privacy, security, and data management have all become increasingly complex—and important. This page offers a range of resources designed to help organizations understand how we got here, what’s at stake, and how to comply with consumers’ growing expectations and increasing governmental regulations while staying profitable and efficient.

Why Data Security, Privacy, and Management Are a Must for All Businesses

Protect Assets

Safeguard your customers’ personal, financial, and transactional data from theft as well as your brand reputation.

Avoid Unauthorized Access

Allow access by authorized personnel only to make sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Safeguard Data Integrity

Protect your data from tampering and unauthorized changes.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Make every effort to protect against security breaches due to phishing, malware, ransomware, and more.

Prevent Downtime

Avoid costly, time-consuming and frustrating outages.

Sustain Customer Trust and Loyalty

Show your customers you care about them and their data by taking every precaution to protect both.

What’s Changed?

While companies have been collecting customer data for decades, there’s been a lot brewing that puts the pressure on brands to make sure they’re responding and adhering to the latest requirements around data security, privacy and management.

What’s Changed What’s Changed
Increased competition
Consumer expectations
Growing consumer mistrust
Privacy regulations
Learn why data security & privacy should be a top priority
Risks, Challenges & Opportunities
Risks, Challenges & Opportunities

Ignoring security, privacy and data management best practices isn’t an option if you want to compete in today’s customer-driven economy. There’s a lot at stake and, let’s be honest, you’ll face a number of challenges as you effectively work to protect your brand, data and customers. But it’s definitely worth the effort.

Learn about the risks, key challenges and opportunity
Types of Data & Collection Methods
Types of Data & Collection Methods

Data is as essential to business growth as air is to breathing. There are different types of customer data and some are more accurate and timely than others. Not sure about the pros and cons of each type, which ones should be your priority, or where each type comes from?

Learn about data types and data collection

Global Data Privacy

Data privacy has evolved into a whole new world over the past few years. Your customers are depending on you to play by the new rules–or they’ll find a brand that does. But keeping track of them all can be overwhelming.

Here are a few simple best practices:

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Don’t keep data you don’t intend to use
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Don’t transfer personally identifiable information (PII) data to any vendor
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Track customers through a unique identifier vs. their full name, email address or any other personally identifiable information
See Privacy Laws by Country

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