Targeted Marketing Powered by
Advanced Customer Segmentation

Create powerful targeted campaigns powered by Customer Loyalty’s advanced customer segmentation capability.

Advanced Customer

Combine RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) data points with common customer information such as
location, purchase type, online and in-store engagement, loyalty program actions, and advocate marketing
actions to create highly targeted segments.

Discover specific ways you can segment customers and unearth unique ideas for highly
targeted, engaging campaigns.

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Highly targeted campaigns

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Highly-Targeted Campaigns

Combining comprehensive Customer Loyalty and advocate marketing data with RFM information gives you the ability to create highly targeted campaigns designed to proactively boost engagement, increase acquisition rates, improve conversion, raise average order value, and ultimately improve customer lifetime value.

Pre-Built ESP Integration

Pre-built ESP integrations make launching your new targeted campaigns easy. We can feed data directly into your ESP and help you create the strategy and implement triggers to get your campaigns running. Or we can set-up triggers through your Loyalty Dashboard and feed them directly into your ESP. You Customer Success Manager will work with you to devise a process that works best for your team.

Pre-built ESP integrations