Individualize Your Marketing with Advanced Customer Segmentation

Individualize your campaigns with Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform’s advanced customer segmentation.

Advanced Customer Segments

Combine RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) data points with common customer information such as location, purchase type, online and in-store engagement, loyalty program actions, and advocate marketing actions to create highly targeted segments.

The ability to individualize messages is at your fingertips allowing you to deliver on the experiences you’ve promised your customers.

Revolutionizing Segmentation: Individualization Using RFM to Step Up Further

Frequency, Monetary Score
Data-led Campaigns

Data-led Campaigns

Combining comprehensive customer loyalty data coming from all sources, with 100% match accuracy, overlayed with RFM insights gives you the ability to create individualized messages and experiences to your customers. Individualization results in increased conversion, average purchase amount, frequency and overall customer lifetime value.

Extensive Pre-built Marketing Cloud and ESP Integrations

Pre-built marketing cloud and ESP integrations make ingesting, digesting and acting on data easy. We can collect data from every entry point, help you analyze your data and assist you as you implement individualized triggers. Your customer success manager is there to support you in bringing this to life for you and your customers.

Extensive Pre-built Marketing Cloud and ESP Integrations

100+ Pre-defined Integrations Make it Easy to Succeed

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