Leverage loyalty segmentation and take action to build engagement

Analyze rich first- party member and behavioral data to select key customer segments and implement the actions that build engagement.

Advanced Customer Segments

Select key customer segments based upon a broad set of real-world behavioral actions with particular focus on transactions.



Points or Tiers

Custom Attributes


Non-purchase actions

Advanced Customer Segments

Select segments from the built-in RFM Dashboard

Select and rank key customer segments to find your best customers, biggest spenders, newest customers and those ready to churn. Customize the dashboard to fit your buying patterns, date range and order values.

Read our blog post on RFM segmentation here

Frequency, Monetary Score

  • Recency (R): How recently customers have made a purchase.
  • Frequency (F): How often customers have made purchases in a given time period.
  • Monetary (M): How much customers have paid in an average transaction. (AOV)
Data-led Campaigns

Create Data-led Campaigns and Communications

After defining your segments, just a few more clicks can create individualized campaigns with specific benefits to drive customer action. Build brand habits with customers at every lifecycle stage with proven results.

Collect Data from Across Your Tech Stack

Industry leading technology integrations make ingesting, digesting and acting on data fast and easy. The Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Platform™ can collect data from every entry point, help you analyze and select segments and implement individualized actions. Your customer success manager is there to support you in bringing this to life for you and your customers.

Extensive Pre-built Marketing Cloud and ESP Integrations

125 Pre-defined Integrations put Loyalty at the Center of Your Tech Stack

Along with our extensive library of APIs we are integration experts.

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