Expanding the Possibilities of Customer Loyalty

Receipt Data Aggregator

Reward customers without limitations. Our Receipt Data Aggregator makes it possible to reward customers every time they purchase your products, whether in your stores or your retailers’ stores.

Identity Management Services

Whether you need to add an Identity Management Services solution to your website or want to streamline your technology vendors, we’ve got you covered. A comprehensive platform of Identity Management Services offers an easy way to collect, manage, and connect customer credentials to your loyalty solution.



Gift Card Solutions

Incorporate gift cards into your website and create the perfect stored value solution to increase revenue from all customer segments. The Annex Cloud platform handles gift cards from creation to redemption and liability reporting. And, the platform offers the flexibility to build gift cards into multiple user experiences including loyalty marketing, referral marketing, promotions, and gifting opportunities.

Social Advocacy Manager

Identify, connect with, nurture, and reward customers who are talking about you on social media. The Social Advocacy Manager makes it easy to bridge your social networks with your loyalty program and discover and nurture your vocal social advocates.