A Customer Loyalty program is only successful if customers are aware of it.

Whether you’re trying to build enthusiasm around a new loyalty program or expand participation in an existing one, our advanced loyalty incentive and recruitment strategies will get your customers engaged.


Loyalty Recruitment:

Getting customers enrolled in your loyalty program is the first step and we bring expertise to help you craft a successful recruitment campaign.

  • Comprehensive Roll-Out Strategy Planning
  • Introductory Email Campaigns
  • In-Store Awareness via Signage and Employee Education
  • Online Promotions and Engaging Calls to Action

Loyalty Marketing:

Keeping customers excited and engaged is the next step. Your Customer Success Manager will offer guidance and help to continuously craft loyalty marketing campaigns aimed at keeping loyalty participation rates high.

  • A/B Tested Onsite Calls to Action
  • Special Point Event Email Campaigns
  • Loyalty Point Standing and Expiration Reminders
  • Surprise and Delight Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Marketing Support:

We bring the experience and platform flexibility necessary to efficiently bring loyalty marketing strategies into your current eco-system and processes.

  • Best Practices and Advanced Strategy
  • Powerful A/B Testing Capability
  • Pre-Built ESP Integration
  • Pre-Built POS Integration

Customer Loyalty Incentives

Building enticing incentives into your loyalty program is key to an engaging program. Different reward structures and incentives can accomplish different goals and your customer success manager will help you design a strategy that fits your brand.

Ways to Reward Customers:


Coupons: Give your customers an easy way to earn discounts on the products they love with coupons.


Gift Cards: Dollar off rewards are among the most popular type of reward and one of the most impactful ways to get customers to participate. Gift cards make it easy to give customers a straight-forward monetary reward for their purchases.


Products: Want to facilitate product discovery and build a stronger brand connection, product rewards are a great way to do that. Product rewards also ensure that the customers participating in your program are really in it because they love your brand, not just because they’re looking for the biggest discount.


3rd Party Gift Cards: Just because your products don’t drive frequent repeat purchases doesn’t mean you can’t implement a loyalty program. 3rd party gift cards are a great way to implement a loyalty program and build lifetime loyalty around products that customers don’t buy frequently.


Experiential Rewards: If you’re looking for a way to build brand resonance and get customers really excited, experiential rewards are your best option.