Vivobarefoot, a British company, is a global leader of the barefoot shoe movement. Their minimalist, high-tech designs offer both maximum sensory feedback and maximum protection for everyone from children to professional runners.



Vivobarefoot approached Annex Cloud with a complex set of goals. First, their team wanted to grow their customer base across the UK, Europe, and the United States by enhancing its ten different country sites. Shoppers who purchase Vivobarefoot shoes love them, and the team knew they needed to leverage that. They knew they'd find success if they could implement a strong digital word of mouth solution.

Secondly, Vivobarefoot's team was eager to strengthen their ties with their loyal customers and provide more ways for all shoppers--both first-timers and returning ones--to engage more with their sites. It was a high priority to reward longtime customers for their loyalty and advocacy.

Next, Vivobarefoot wanted to avoid the pain of having different software vendors for different solutions and different countries. Consequently, their team found Annex Cloud's complete platform of modular customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions to be extremely attractive. They saw the value of having a single dashboard and unified data for solutions ranging from Social Login to Share and Save.

Lastly, Vivobarefoot saw Annex Cloud's fully managed services as a key differentiator, which resonated with their team's drive for quality and their customer approach.


Annex Cloud's solutions have significantly and demonstrably increased our existing customer loyalty, driving an increase in units per order and total units per customer, with Refer a Friend and Loyalty modules allowing us to activate our existing customers to encourage purchases from their networks attracting new customers, both working together to give us a significant ROI. Their Customer Success Team have worked with us closely to deliver success, offering wonderful guidance and support, and we're excited for the next phase of our work together, maximising existing modules based on their best practice knowledge, and exploring new ones.

Paul Walker
Head of eCommerce, Vivobarefoot


Vivobarefoot decided to implement multiple solutions from Annex Cloud in two phases.The first phase consisted of Refer a Friend,Share and Save, and Social Login. These were quick wins that they could easily work intotheir strategy before moving platforms. After that, Vivobarefoot will embark upon phase two, which will consist of Ratings and Reviews and Customer Loyalty.

Refer a Friend and Share and Save are word of mouth marketing solutions that target different audiences. Refer a Friend rewards the referring shopper £30 after their friend--who receives a £10 discount--makes a purchase. The rewards are stackable, so if a shopper keeps referring, they keep earning. Consequently, Refer a Friend is popular among returning customers who don't mind the delayed gratification because they knowthey'll buy again.

In fact, Refer a Friend has been able to stand in for Vivobarefoot's Customer Loyalty program during the latter's development. When the Loyalty program is completed, Refer a Friend will be seamlessly incorporated into Loyalty.

Share and Save, meanwhile, offers both the referring shopper and their friend an almost-immediate 10% discount. This smaller, yet more instant reward appeals more to casual browsers and potential new customers.

Social Login simplifies the account creation and checkout processes by giving site visitors the option to create a Vivobarefoot account using their existing social media profiles. Vivobarefoot chose to offer this option with both Facebook and Google. In addition to its convenience, Social Login delivers rich, actionable data that helps the Vivobarefoot team strategize and implement their marketing

Results + Benefits


Vivobarefoot's monthly number of orders has grown by 38%


They've Increased thier email list by 20%

From May to June 2016, Vivobarefoot increased their Refer a Friend revenue across all its sites by 556%. This was largely due to the decision to promote

Refer a Friend on their homepage--a Annex Cloud best practice.

Referred friends have a 32.1% conversion rate, an almost tenfold increase from the site's average conversion rate of 3%. Consumers who make referrals have a 31.9% conversion rate.

Share and Save boosts conversion, and has gathered over 11,000 new email addresses in six months. Referred users

have a 6.3% conversion rate. Shoppers who share have a 9.7% conversion rate.

Social Login has streamlined the checkout process and given the Vivobarefoot team a clearer picture of their customers. Users have a 33.4% conversion rate.Orders placed through Social Login have grown by 563% overthe past year.

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