Olympus’s Customer Loyalty Program Olympus’s Customer Loyalty case study

What You Will Learn:

As a premier digital camera and lens manufacturer, Olympus’s customer base is loyal and passionate. As a manufacturer, Olympus was on the hunt for a loyalty vendor who could help them take proactive steps to increase brand loyalty and boost the lifetime value of their customers.

Annex Cloud was a clear choice because they could not only implement a powerful loyalty program, but they also had the opportunity to build an engaging visual commerce solution and enhance their customer’s experience with Social Login.

Download the free case study to learn about Olympus’s unbeatable Customer Loyalty program and how they used Visual Commerce to inspire customers and build a community of photographers.

“Annex Cloud’s custom solutions and support were excellent during the implementation process and post-launch. Their solutions are promoting engagement, loyalty, and retention, and most importantly are driving results. The scalability of their solutions will continue to allow us to take our marketing strategies to the next level.”

Jennifer Schmell, Director of Web Strategy & Development