Murad’s Customer Loyalty Program Murad’s customized loyalty program

What You Will Learn:

When they came to Annex Cloud, Murad already had a full User Generated Content solution in place including Ratings & Reviews, Questions & Answers, and Visual Commerce. They wanted to add a loyalty program to the mix and were very intrigued by the idea of unifying all of these solutions under one vendor and building more robust customer profiles.

Learn about Murad’s customized loyalty program, Murad Beauty Rewards. And find out how they utilized Ratings & Reviews, Q&A, Visual Commerce, Social Login, and Trackable Buttons to connect with customers, collect more valuable data, and build a more engaging and impactful loyalty program.

“When we decided to start a customer loyalty program, we thoroughly evaluated our options and chose Annex Cloud. They have been able to provide us with the powerful customer loyalty program we were looking for, as well as with advocate marketing solutions that work together and are able to give our customers an engaging and exciting experience. From coming up with the structure of the program to its design, they guided us through the implementation process and have fully supported our needs since then. We appreciate that and how to continue strengthening this relationship.”

Van Vuong, SVP of eCommerce and Digital at Murad .