MacKenzie-Childs has been designing home decor and artisan furnishings from their farmhouse in New York since 1983. They pride themselves on producing fun and quirky hand-crafted and hand-painted decorations, tableware, furniture, and decor.


MacKenzie-Childs wanted not only to improve retention of current customers but also build a larger community of brand advocates for their business. They knew a custom loyalty program was the key.

Combatting churn while meeting annual revenue targets can be a real challenge in the upscale decor space. MacKenzie-Childs took matters into their own hands and found the right loyalty provider for their specific needs.

They chose Annex Cloud to help them build an engaging loyalty program because of our experience with omni-channel loyalty, tiered rewards, and referral marketing.

MacKenzie-Childs Challenges
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Annex Cloud has been able to customize their platform and processes to accommodate our specific program needs. We knew our program was going to require some customization with our tier system and benefits package but instead of seeing it as a problem, they saw it as a good challenge.

Larry Shaw
Chief Marketing Officer of MacKenzie-Childs


The Annex Cloud team sat down and thoroughly analyzed what strategic actions needed to take place to help MacKenzie-Childs see yearly growth. We recommended a tiered Customer Loyalty Program with Omni-Channel capabilities as well as a Referral Marketing solution. MacKenzie-Childs knew that, when coupled with Annex Cloud’s dedicated customer success team and unified platform, they’d be able to leverage great returns from their program.

Annex Cloud also helps companies nurture relationships with their existing customers through personalized incentives, which in turn increases customer spend and average customer lifetime value. These incentives inspire customers to become brand advocates where they’re more likely to take actions like referring a friend or reviewing an item. The program focuses on following the customer journey from beginning to end and building a true community around their home decor brand.

Results + Benefits


New Subscribers through Refer-a-Friend


Higher Average Order Value for Loyalty Customers


Increase in Purchase frequency from Loyalty Members

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