Group, Inc’s Questions & Answers Questions & Answers

What You Will Learn:

Group, Inc. approached Annex Cloud looking for a way to improve customer interactions online with Questions & Answers. They took advantage of Annex Cloud’s expertise and pre-built product integrations with Kibo to quickly implement a solution.

Check out the interview with Group’s Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing to learn about the best practices the Annex Cloud team brought to the table that allowed Group, Inc. to see a quick increase in customer interactions and conversions.

“Annex Cloud has provided wonderful support for the integration, design, and marketing of Questions & Answers. Their pre-integration with Kibo and expertise allowed for a truly seamless experience. The Q&A solution lets our sales team communication digitally like never before, consequently enriching our customer interactions and increasing conversions. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience.”

Andy Brazelton, Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Group, Inc.