This popular retailer is a destination for reading glasses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses of all kinds.


This long-term anonymous client came to Annex Cloud several years ago with their eyes set on an engaging referral solution that would keep returning customers active while bringing in qualified new shoppers. They and the Annex Cloud Customer Success Team paired their Referral Marketing program with contests that incentivized sharing, too. The combination worked wonderfully, and the retailer gained thousands of new shoppers.

The ROI for the solution was 4.4 to 1, and their conversion rate for referral shoppers was triple the industry average.

However, after a rebrand and a decision to move away from using contests, the client found that the Referral Marketing program could use a refresh-something that simply happens when using the same marketing tactic for several years. Luckily, the Annex Cloud team was on hand to advise the client.

Eyewear Challenges
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Our relationship with Annex Cloud has truly benefited our company. We’ve always looked to their Customer Success Team and platform to help us spread our name and gain new customers, and our recent work together is no exception. Technical updates were quick and straightforward, and the team provided us with excellent advice. All in all, the outcome has been phenomenal.

eCommerce Executive at a Premiere Online Eyewear Retailer


The Annex Cloud team provided a wealth of best practices and technical expertise in order to overhaul the Referral Marketing solution. They advised the eyewear retailer to move to a newer version of Referral Marketing with updated functionality as well as update the creative. The whole process of rebranding and optimization, though, only took a month and was finished on schedule.

The updated Referral Marketing page features a clever GIF illustration and eye-catching colors. In addition to aesthetic changes, though, the retailer made some important updates to their user flow.

Previously, the client had a version of Referral Marketing in which after the friend clicked the shared offer, they automatically landed on a page where they received their code. There was nothing encouraging the friend to enter their name and email so the retailer could gather this information. They were losing out on emails and data and Annex Cloud were losing our on a better way to track referrals. They updated the user flow to require the referred friend to enter their name and email before unlocking their code.

The retailer made some changes to their promotion of the referral program. Previously, it wasn’t featured prominently on their site or in marketing communications. By remedying that, they saw an enormous shift.

Annex Cloud Solutions

Results + Benefits


Weekly average revenue from the Referral Marketing solution increased by a stunning 749%


Average weekly orders from Referral Marketing more than doubled after the new solution was implemented.


The conversion rate for referred shoppers grew by 139%.


Emails, however, review submissions grew by an additional 147%.


Overall revenue from the solution grew by 107% in the past 5 months since the changes.


The new version of Referral Marketing has an incredible 22:1 ROI.

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