Forget the "club" card - just swipe and earn with card linked loyalty

A loyalty program linked with a shopper's payment card offers seamless benefits and convenience to customers. Whenever customers make a purchase with the shopper's payment card, they never miss their rewards. Salespeople can focus on human interaction while vendors receive data-driven insights on shopping behavior.

Worldpay securely stores the customer's payment card, while Annex Cloud automatically attributes rewards when it's used. By combining payment with loyalty, Annex Cloud and Worldpay provide great business insights for companies and a seamless experience for the customer.

Design a Card-Linked Loyalty Program that Meets Your Needs

  • Best in Class Omichannel Loyalty
  • Loyalty, Referrals, and UGC all in one stack
  • More than earn and burn...Integrated Social and Behavioral actions
  • Reward brand advocacy and brand ambassadors
  • Enterprise class Cloud SaaS provider
  • Easily pay in any channel, any currency
  • True omni-channel support for POS, eCommerce, Kiosk, etc
  • Frictionless payments
  • Recognize shoppers across channels
  • Increased approval rates
  • Fraud protection

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