Brayola is a personal bra shop that helps women discover their next favorite bra, without having a fit. Their mission is to help women everywhere find their perfect-fit bras & feel beautiful.



Brayola is an online lingerie retailer that helps shoppers find better-fitting bras. Its bra analyzer and extractor identify bras based on size, style, color, price, materials, purpose, and quality.

Facing distracted consumers in a highly competitive market while still looking to drive impressive growth, Brayola wanted to boost customer retention, fight off competition from better-known brands, and build advocacy through referrals. However, numerous questions prompted Brayola to seek guidance and expertise.

Designing an effective strategy, selecting vendors and integrating various potentially disparate technology platforms and data was a complex challenge. 

How to best design a loyalty program? How to incentivize customers to become brand advocates and drive referrals? What technology platforms would best serve their needs?

Annex Cloud, the team and it's Loyalty Experience Manager, is the answer.


After reviewing their options, Brayola selected Annex Cloud for its powerful customer marketing suite of solutions for customer loyalty, referral marketing and user generated content, but also its expertise in both strategy and implementation.

From the start, the Annex Cloud team advised Brayola on how best to design a loyalty and referral marketing program that would meet their business goals for retention and advocacy. In addition, Annex Cloud experts provided best practices around email service provider (ESP) integration (Oracle Bronto, in this case), the different types of emails to send (monthly loyalty statements, rewards earned, points available, expiration notices, etc.), along with details on how to set up these emails and the rules around communication and triggers.

The same was true when it came to the referral marketing, or refer a friend, component; Annex Cloud supplied best practices for marketing the program to customers both onsite and offsite, by email and on social.

In addition to strategies and best practices, Annex Cloud provided technical integration between Oracle Bronto and the commerce platform, as well as UI design—where things should go, how the call-outs should work, the types of messaging to include—so the customer experience was seamless and on-brand.

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