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While most of the companies are of the common belief that being active on social networks is just about setting up an online social page an appointing a certain someone well-versed with social platforms to interact with the audience. But this won’t really help much and will just leave you as one of the other companies’ online. Having a ‘social media team’ is the thing which will set you apart and benefit your company in the long run.

Setting up a social media team will take your level of social engagement to the next level, where a more transparent and optimized conversation would be possible benefitting the business growth and sales. Here are the few departments which will help in forming a strong social media team, which will make the difference.

1. Customer service is the utmost important department, the one which is there all the time to interact with your audience, answer their queries and solve them effectively. Customer service department should be well trained in handling customers, being modest and empathetic is very important even when carrying out online conversations.

2. Public Relations are another department which helps in building up your business. This department guides your company to connect with the right people online, the ones which will be interested in your trade. This will definitely generate more business partnership and lure in prospective customers.

3. Web Analysis Department is also necessary to keep a track of the work you are doing on the social platform and the response that your company is getting back through your inputs. Even the website traffic is measured by this department; hence understanding your company’s growth better and the areas where you need to work upon is well understood by the repots and guidelines of this department.

4. Legal Department is one of those departments which most companies don’t even consider when talking about social media department, but it’s crucial to enlist a legal advocate in your team. There are many instances online when customers complain or some issues online which might turn into potential problems for your business, hence prevention is better than cure. A advocate may analyze a certain situation and help in interacting or reacting accordingly.

Inclusion of these departments strengthens your online social standing and helps your company grow and increases its sales and partnership prospects.

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