Your Brand’s culture and social media

by Annex Cloud |


Marketing a brand has grown from being a simple advertisement on a piece of paper with limited vocabulary with a number of social portals to advertise and grow your business.

As social platforms are a two way stream it is important to work towards creating a strong and genuine relation with the users or followers, and the people who are entrusted the job should perfectly reflect the brands culture. It’s essential to transfer the essence of your brands culture to your community members.

Brand culture is nothing but business strategy, group work and communication. All this clubbed together propagates your brand culture and offers opportunities of a lifetime.

Humanizing your brand is the beginning of creating a culture. Connecting with your audience or say users at a more human and closer level helps in bridging gaps between your customers and your company .Sharing pictures, videos and stories of your company makes your page and your company a brand value which gives you the edge over others.

As we can interact with the users you get to know people who are interested in your company and your brand. This helps in getting new ideas and distinct views for the growth of your product features. Even if the followers or fans are not users or consumers earlier they might be engaged and then eventually develop a relation with your brand and turn into one.

Giving time and human touch to your products social media marketing helps but without valuable and appropriate content it might just not work. Your brand’s online reputation and growth depends a lot on the information, language and tone of language used in your content. Tweeting or sharing blogs with interactive and appealing content on social platforms gives a solid start to build your brands culture online.

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