Woo Your Customers: Valentine’s Day Marketing Tricks To Make Them Fall In Love With You


Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, as a marketer, it’s hard to ignore the valuable opportunity it offers to connect with your customers. As a brand or retailer, this sentiment-filled holiday gives you an opportunity to engage and nurture relationships; creating a community around your brand with your loyal customers.

We’ve put together some Valentine’s Day marketing tricks to make your customers fall in love with you all over again.

Pin’em on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to engage with customers (especially women) around Valentine’s Day. Encourage them to Pin their best date night outfit, a piece of jewelry they love, and recipes for home cooked meals they aspire to master for the holiday.

Give men a reason to finally adopt Pinterest by encouraging them to look for inspiration for gifts and unique date ideas. Not only does this open doors of inspiration for your male customers; you can grow your audience on the Pinterest platform when they realize what a valuable tool it is (especially for understanding the women in their lives).

Visualize it on Instagram

Engaging with your customers on visual platforms, particularly Instagram is a great outlet to connect around Valentine’s Day. Interact with the loving couples by creating a contest for them to post a picture of their awesome date night or commiserate with the Valentine’s day haters by encouraging them to share pictures of their “anti-valentine’s day” plans.

Valentine's Day social media contest on Facebook by Annex Cloud

Single people need love too

Don’t forget about your customers who aren’t part of a couple and may be a little bitter about the holiday. Create opportunities for friends to send chocolates, flowers, and other gifts to each other instead of a significant other. These kinds of interactions are usually reserved for women but don’t be afraid to engage men in the same way, they like receiving gifts and candy too (maybe even more). The key to catering to singles is positivity and authenticity (avoid pity parties at all cost). Create contests and giveaways exclusively for singles celebrating their independence or mocking the Hallmark holiday. Stand out from the crowd of our couple obsessed culture and embrace your single, independent consumers.

Help out your romantically challenged customers.

Create a community for people at a loss for ways to impress their significant others. Create a comments section or a hashtag for Facebook and Twitter, encouraging customers to share unique date night ideas, gift ideas, ask questions and look for advice from your brand experts. Drive customers to your site by creating a page dedicated to out of the box gift ideas, unique date locations and other ways to make Valentine’s day special.

Don’t make it all about selling.

Instead of focusing solely on selling and your bottom line, use holidays like Valentine’s Day to truly connect with your customers on a personal level. Nurture your relationships and build a community around the hopeless romantics. Customer’s will appreciate a brand stepping away from the “Hallmark” selling tendencies and instead showing a genuine interest in helping them create a great Valentine’s day experience.

Don’t stop wooing after the 14th of February

Keep your customers engaged after the holiday by asking them to share their highlights; post pictures of their dates and girls nights, and share their great outfits and romantic home-cooked dinners. Create a conversation through Social Media  by having them share what gifts were winners and which one’s were flops. Sometimes the best memories are the dates that didn’t go as planned, ask your customers to share their funny stories. Create a positive memory and start engaging them now so they think of you when they’re looking for ideas next year.

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