Who is winning the social media arms race in 2014?

by Sean Ogino |

There was a lot of talk about which social network would be the social network of 2014, with a lot of new contenders entering the race at the end of 2013. But now, it’s nearing the end of Q2 and the results are in. With the booming emergence of visual commerce, it looks like Instagram is the frontrunner in this social media arms race.

In the past 6 months, 50 million users have signed up for Instagram, bringing their number of active monthly users to over 200 million. 93% of the top brands are on Instagram and studies have shown Instagram to have 15x the engagement of Facebook.

Visual commerce is emerging as the leading social platform for eCommerce businesses looking to engage and convert millennials. Annex Cloud recently introduced a suite of social tools dedicated specifically to this rising trend, featuring Instagram Curated Galleries. With any new social movement for eCommerce, it comes down to ROI and Instagram has yet to open its doors to businesses in the same way as Facebook with an API. However, there are still many ways to monetize Instagram.

Instagram Curated Galleries

Start curating and creating an Instagram brand community for your own business with these few steps.

1. Create an Instagram account and read up on optimal engagement times and filters. (Hint: Here are 6 steps to get started)

2. Actively participate in your community. Create unique hashtags for followers to use to communicate with your brand. Feature on brand fan photos in your own feed and reply to questions and relevant comments.

3. Identify your Top Influencers. These are Instagram users with a lot of friends and have an active voice within your Instagram community. Their posts are always on brand, thoughtful and drive more traffic to your Instagram account.

Top Influencers

4. Enable your fans to actively engage and interact with your Instagram account by featuring an Instagram Curated Gallery of top influencers on your site. Curate fan photos from your unique hashtag and feature them alongside product photos for a more authentic, customer centric product page.

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