Which Famous Marketer Are You? A Personality Quiz

by Sean Ogino |

Which Famous Marketer Are You? A Personality Quiz

Which Famous Marketer Are You?

Have you ever watched Mad Men and just been in awe by how suave Don Draper is? Or watch Shark Tank and think how cool it would be one of these gurus? Well maybe you have more in common with these famous marketers than you think. We thought it would be fun to round up our favorite TV ad people and create an interactive personality quiz! Why does Buzzfeed get to have all the fun, right? Take our quiz now to how you match up!

It requires a lot to be a marketer, no matter what personality you have. It requires deep analysis, artistic input, decision-making skills, and attentiveness. Each and every one of these characters exemplify that mold. However, within that realm, there are still so many variations.

Personality QuizAd Man or Mad Man?

Take Don Draper for example. He’s the big idea person with strong opinions. The agency comes to him for help. Or Lori Greiner from NBC’s Shark Tank. Or Lori Greiner who is an inventor, product guru, and tv personality. She made her fortune through retail, appearing on QVC, and online efforts. Therefore, her personality reflects that of a results-driven leader with a history of successful marketing campaigns.

No matter which marketing personality you align with, it’s so important to find the results for your team and your business. By identifying the right marketing solutions provider, you’re showing your company you can lead. And by increasing your sales revenue, you’re positioning your brand among the highest in the industry.

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