What is Headless Commerce & How it Boosts Loyalty Solutions Implementation?

by Deepak Nautiyal |

What is Headless Commerce & How it Boosts Loyalty Solutions Implementation?

It is extremely crucial for brands to understand what is headless commerce if they want to leverage the host of benefits it brings along for loyalty program implementation. Let’s now explore in detail what is headless commerce specifically and what benefits this approach brings along that make it crucial for adoption by brands looking to launch their rewards loyalty programs.

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce refers to a technical solution that decouples the presentation layer (front end) of a website from the backend by insertion of an app-based layer between the two. The main purpose of performing this technical modification is to ensure deriving a more seamless digital experience.

With the frontend decoupled from the backend in the headless type of technical architecture, both get the ability to function independently. This provides with the sheer flexibility to scale the customer-side experience as required without having to care about the backend.

As an app-based layer exists between the frontend and backend, the communication takes place by means of API calls. This connecting layer serves following three functions-

  • Accepting requests coming from the frontend.
  • Collecting required data from backend.
  • Repackaging collected information for frontend.

The e-commerce platform under headless approach technical architecture though provides inventory management and PCI compliance; however, provision for connecting additional systems like PIM, ERP via APIs also exists. Let’s uncover the typical differences that make headless commerce approach stand out from the traditional commerce approach.

Headless Commerce vs. Traditional Ecommerce – Core Difference Explained

The traditional ecommerce model lacks in specific areas. High development costs and slower time to market are the biggest downsides associated with the traditional model. However, going the traditional way means that your in-house IT department gets full platform control which comes handy in case extreme customizations are required.

With a traditional e-commerce approach, frontend customization is limited that further leads to inability to create personalized customer experiences. This consequently leads to poor web application performance. The traditional approach thus presents some restrictions which hamper the customer experience by varying degrees. Headless approach though addresses the limitations of traditional approach much efficiently.

Headless commerce brings into picture the concept of deploying API-based solutions to gain improved flexibility, profitability for businesses. With frontend and backend decoupled in the headless commerce architecture, the issues existing in case of traditional approach are taken well care of.

Having this technically optimized architecture in place not only enables seamless management of the existing modules but also allows for simplified addition of new modules. So, whenever you require adding any new module in the existing configuration, you can expect a hassle-free experience with the headless commerce approach.

The multiple benefits headless commerce approach brings along have been summarized in the next section for a better understanding.

Top 9 Benefits of Headless Commerce

By providing improved control over customer experience, headless commerce empowers brands to gain significant competitive advantage in the severe industry competition. Headless commerce opens several possibilities for brands by offering following prominent benefits –

Swift platform integration & testing

Reduced development cost & effort

Site customization options

More personalized customer experience

Freedom to choose frontend framework

Reduced risk of failure

Better speed to market

Higher conversion rates

Data integrity assurance

How Headless Commerce Works with Loyalty Programs?

Launching your loyalty program with incorporation of headless commerce further brings in a plethora of benefits which are otherwise lacking when deploying traditional commerce. By making the innovative technological modification in your e-commerce application to transform the existing app architecture into the headless commerce architecture, you can continue fostering enhanced customer loyalty in the coming time.

The headless commerce approach eliminates the cons of rigid ecommerce platforms to make loyalty management campaign management and promotion much easier than beforeWhen it comes to adopting headless approach for loyalty programs, brands can expect to  accomplish implementation of a much optimized program.

In fact, loyalty programs when implemented via a headless ecommerce approach get set up much faster & easily as compared to the traditional commerce approach. So, how does headless commerce approach turn the loyalty program implementation so rapid?

This is achieved by setting the program membership page via the existing frontend provider and then using API endpoints for linking it to the database provided by the loyalty solution provider. This is especially purposeful for brands that have a goal to introduce the loyalty program within a specified time frame to gain specific competitive advantage. Loyalty program implementation using a headless approach should thus be the priority for brands seeking rapid implementation of their program.

How Loyalty Solution Providers Help you Make Maximum Out of Headless Commerce?

Having realized the incredible set of benefits headless commerce approach brings along, you can surely consider getting assistance from a reputed loyalty solutions provider to leverage its benefits while implementing your program.

An expert loyalty solutions provider can help you take advantage of the full potential of headless commerce approach to ensure swift and more effective implementation of your loyalty program. Furthermore, loyalty management will become much simpler for you as the solution provider will provide you simplified access to natively managing the program without requiring any upgrade in your technical skills.

The solution provider’s deep integration capabilities would help you attain smooth integration with any CRM software you require to facilitate seamless sync of loyalty data to the CRM. Moreover, they can even help you to show personalized loyalty program data to your customers on a range of devices like Smartphone, TV etc.

Some of the leading global brands like Walmart, Amazon, and Nike have embraced headless commerce to transform online experiences for their customers.

With reputed global brands swiftly realizing the incredible potential of headless commerce and adopting it for launching their loyalty programs, you also need to make the right move before it’s too late.

The headless commerce approach holds vast potential to enable you gain the perfect competitive advantage when working on loyalty program launch. If you too are looking for a loyalty solutions provider that can assist you to implement your loyalty program by leveraging the headless commerce approach, we can surely help. To learn more on how we can efficiently design & implement your loyalty program, connect to our experts now!

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