What Do Facebook’s Instant Articles Mean for Social Commerce?

With over 1.19 billion users, Facebook has become the largest social media network used by all demographics. The social network has leveraged their high user base and wide reach to incorporate new ways for social media users to communicate and consume information.

With today’s Internet users moving away from traditional newspapers and magazines to smartphone apps and socially shared articles to learn about current affairs, Facebook is planning to leverage the power of the widest reaching device – mobile phones.

Last week Facebook introduced a new mobile feature, Instant Articles, which delivers news articles and media in a streamlined manner directly to users’ News Feeds. The company is leveraging the same technology used to quickly display multimedia in the Facebook app, which now instantly loads articles 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.

For professional media and publishers who are continually trying to cultivate more readership, Instant Articles will help companies connect to users in unique ways. Facebook’s partnership with media companies will keep audience interests high, while still providing rich content and enabling reliable distribution of the content.

The new feature gives the media the ability to publish any type of article, from daily news coverage to longform features, and enable them to scale entire content libraries and provide their readers an interactive experience. Facebook says that the publishers can maintain control of their content and sell ads in articles in order to keep revenue, and for readers, the tool brings the stories to life, with features such as easy zoom capabilities into high-resolution photos and autoplay video to make multimedia come to life.

With social media being the primary medium for consuming information for many of today’s Internet users, Instant Articles is on the path to change the way consumers communicate with their favorite brands. From media publishers to retailers, marketers are realizing the power social networks can have, enabling the creation of more open space for brands to connect, share, and entice their customers to keep them coming back.

This proves that traditional marketing practices, like ads, are shifting away from being fully effective and gives more clout to the realization that social media offers a unique road brands should begin taking. As a retailer or manufacturer, leveraging social networks and integrating social commerce into your marketing strategies, connects your brand to valuable customers, the same way publishers are using the network to engage current and new readers.

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