Ways to strengthen your business online reputation worldwide.

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English is recognized as a global language and this norm is also commonly seen on internet. But in order to expand your business globally to a greater extent it’s important to connect to the masses despite the cultural and linguistic constraints. Hereby comes in the need of a multilingual business platform to reach out to the people on a more personal basis.


Many ways can be accounted to strengthen your online reputation across borders. Few of them are listed below.

§  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are fast increasing as a platform for social media to interact with its users across the globe in order to popularize their brand. Hence researching these sites is a key step.

§  It’s very important to keep yourself updated about users’ views, complaints and even feedback. A proper communication pattern should be step up keeping in account the targeted audiences, this helps in holding onto your users attention and getting their ideas and views. It’s equally important to return back to the queries or feedback irrespective whether they are positive or negative. A fair and a humble reply to all the queries are important. If the user has some issues it’s your job to explain them about how you’ll make it a point to solve the issue as soon as possible without creating a war of the words situation which if happens will bring your brand into a negative light.

§  Every country is different than another and so are the people hence different approach is to be applied by your company on the particular set of users depending mainly on their geographical positions. Hence coming up with few different sets of social media campaigns is the need of the hour. For instance, things which are of great relevance in the U.S might not be that popular in China and vice-versa. Hence by keeping yourself updated through social networks about the customers’ feedback you can get a clearer picture to lay down business development plans keeping in account social, cultural and linguistic differences.

§  Language translation is also an important element for growth of business in the market overseas. Despite the fact that there are various free online translation engines ,professional translation is essential as it makes the international customers aware that you are taking in active steps to understand their language and views more rationally. Most of the users don’t buy products online if the information isn’t available in their native language. Skills of a native translator also eliminates the chances of misinterpretation of your messages to the user.

§  It’s also a key step to monitor your reputation online. There might be many sites where your product is being talked about. Tools like Keotag keep you updated about the posts, blogs and other places online where you are being tagged. This helps to keep an eye on the talks and also helps in and enhancing your reputation online globally.

These are not the only steps but they’ll definitely be of assistance and will provide a steady ground for you to expand your business worldwide and project it in a positive light.

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