Ways to get Re-Tweeted on Twitter

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Ways to get Re-Tweeted on Twitter



Twitter is a noteworthy platform for socially networking your brand and popularizing it among the followers and the one’s being followed. Regular tweets definitely bring out your brand name into the light for a while, but to expand your brand name to a wider audience and for a long time your tweets are required to get ‘Re-tweeted’.

This is an essential part of social media marketing plan as re-tweeting helps spreading your company’s message and might bring about brand awareness, and visit to company site and blogs – assisting in fulfilling the business and marketing objectives.

Anything one tweets won’t be Re-tweeted, hence it becomes important to think wisely as what, when and how is to be tweeted in order to get it re-tweeted.

  • Content Matters– This answers the question that what is to be included in your company’s tweet. The content that one writes is the significant as it’s through the words that readers’ attention is trapped. Relevant, varied, real, informative and content gives your tweet edge over others. Including links in your Tweets facilitates the chances of your tweet’s chances of being shared.
  • Time Matters – Apart the content even the time and the day matters. Keep a track of time and observe that at what time of the day and week does your tweets get re-tweeted the most and act accordingly. Even maintain a time gap between your every tweet, it’s necessary as it gives space for the person to actually look and read your tweet. Too much of tweeting might frame your company to be stalking.
  • Interaction matters – No one will pay heed to you until and unless you take the first step. Interact with the followers or the ones being followed. Ask questions, answer others questions as well, inspire and inform the readers, and actually be a part of conversations by keeping yourself updated with the latest lingo. This way you can share about your company and your brands among the people and get feedbacks spot-on.

New information, consistency of tweets, catchy words or phrases and time management will without doubt get your tweets, ’Re-tweeted’ and reinforce your social standing.

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