Ways to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown

by Sean Ogino |

Ways to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown

Social Media Meltdown

Think about it – so many social media platforms, so many comments, so many notifications, so many blogs to monitor, so many competitors engaging with your potential customer base. Staying on track and avoiding social media meltdown can at times be a tough task.

Here are things to consider before you encounter a seemingly out-of-control situation in your social media channels.

There are times when your expertise, point of view, knowledge and commercial credentials will make it vital for you to engage on social media. These critical debates, conversations, and requests for advice on social media need to be outstanding examples of why you are the expert in the given area, and your social media engagement at these times is your chance to shine.

There are times when social media meltdown is inevitable – and these times are often when people are spending too much time on social media platforms. They are there all the time, or so it seems. I’m a huge advocate of mixing online and offline activities to give audiences a good mix of real life. Time-saving tools such as Hoot suite can give you presence, and save your sanity.


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