A Visual Commerce ROI Story: 123% in 5 Months

by Sean Ogino |

A Visual Commerce ROI Story: 123% in 5 Months

We know that it’s worthwhile to engage with customers on social and to promote your brand with user generated content. Given the dominance of visual social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, implementing Visual Commerce makes tons of sense for many brands. But at the end of the day, what’s the Visual Commerce ROI?

Visual Commerce ROI: Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug, a popular toy brand, has always sparked joy among their customers. Shoppers have been vocal in expressing their love and happiness for their products, including on platforms like Instagram. For them, it was a no brainer to leverage that customer advocacy on their site in the form of Visual Commerce.

The solution was designed to help Melissa & Doug in three ways. First, it allowed the toy manufacturer to pull customer photos from social networks like Instagram. Second, it enabled users to directly upload images to Melissa & Doug’s site- a definite engagement booster. Third, this integrated solution of the toy manufacturer and Visual Commerce platform was able to curate the images shared by the users into flexible and shoppable displays. If users wanted to see different types of themes and collections, they just had to sort all the images by a simple hashtag. The images became instantly shoppable, as users just had to click on the specific customer photo to buy the product associated with that particular photo.

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While there are many more details in the case study, here are the hard numbers about their Visual Commerce ROI:

  • In five months, Melissa & Doug collected well over 2,000 high-quality customer photos for use on their site and in other marketing materials
  • There was an 89% conversion rate among Visual Commerce users
  • In the five months since the launch of the solution, Melissa & Doug’s Visual Commerce ROI has been 123%

It’s then not at all surprising to see that Em Weingarten, Marketing Director of Melissa & Doug, said the following:

Working with Annex Cloud has been a big success and a pleasure. Their Visual Commerce implementation was quick and easy. Annex Cloud’s Customer Success Team worked directly with our system integrator to ensure that our launch was seamless. The dashboards are really easy to use and we are seeing an impressive conversion rate.”

More on Visual Commerce ROI

Of course, Melissa & Doug’s story is one of many. Here are some other visual commerce statistics:

  • A makeup brand is seeing 21.74% conversion among its Visual Commerce users
  • An athletic apparel company sees $10 of revenue per photo added
  • Visual Commerce raises conversion rates by 5-7% on average
  • Visual Commerce increases CTR by 10-15%
  • Site visitors referred by Shoppic.me shoppable Instagram spend 30% more time on-site

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